Education: Interactive Learning

Technology is ready to transform schools, to speed up the learning process and to facilitate the information sharing process in the classrooms. Students already have access to mobile devices able to double the knowledge flow between them and their teachers.
Provide real-time interactions, launch polls, focus groups and debates, challenge the students’ community with smart activities like treasure hunts or quiz instant competitions. Introduce your young public to real-world scenarios and let them solve original situations and contemporary problems.

Effective instant interactions

educationInform your internal public about their programs, scheduled courses, individual learning progresses and grades, community news, last moment changes.
At the same time, keep a solid contact with parents, which can have access to all this information, in a customized manner.

Manage groups, guide and orient

Individually indicate directions for people to the classrooms where they are scheduled to be and check their presence within the school territory.
Students missing the classes will be instantly identified and a set of pre-defined notifications will be delivered to the specific student, to the teachers, and to his parents or other contacts.

Share only relevant content, monitor online access

By using a Mobile Device Management application, tutors can temporary limit online access only to desired web addresses, depending on the location and the daily program of the students. Professors can instantly transmit multimedia material to all students’ tablets having the school’s application installed.

Encourage individual research and discoveries

Place Bluetooth Beacons in school’s courtyard or on hallways and create dedicated learning zones for different sciences. Create clubs, groups of research, co-working teams for various disciplines. Build interactive games and contests using the mobile middleware and our cloud-based platform and offer awards to motivate participants and to encourage positive competition.


Patients & Resource Management

Micro-location in hospitals. Great idea and huge opportunity, isn’t it?
Imagine that BLE Beacons can help you to easily identify each patient in a great hospital and can deliver to your mobile device a solid portfolio of accurate and updated information about his health status and medical history, the treatments and other clinical indications.
Onyx Beacon Healthcare

Administrate resources, track assets

Using Bluetooth Beacons infrastructures, you can fast and precisely identify, locate and organize your internal resources, starting with people, emergency and surgery rooms, medical tools and inventory and finishing with the smallest pill indicated for patients’ treatment.
All the important assets of your hospital or clinic can be identified with a unique beacon stuck on them, so it will be very easy to track, find and relocate these items.

Coordinate your medical team

Inform your employees, in a customized personal manner, about their working program, scheduled activities, emergencies, individual professional status, or medical conditions of each patient they have in attention. You can individually indicate directions for people to the spaces where they are needed, where they are scheduled to be and check their presence in real-time, within the entire facility.

Distribute multimedia content

Distribute multimedia material to all the attendees inside your location, using a dedicated mobile application and segmenting your audience by the criteria of their medical situation, gender, age, professional status and interests. Deliver to each patient or family all the information about specific clinical cases. The content could be text, videos, photos, audio, widgets, medical documentation, clinical results or related links.

Retail: Proximity Marketing

The capabilities and techniques of online marketing are available now for traditional offline retailers, through our Bluetooth Beacon-based integrated solution.
Engage in real time with your customers, convert prospects, send coupons for your special offers, advertise for your partners, gather powerful analytics about visitors’ in-store behavior.


Increase store traffic and offer attractive interaction

Attract more shoppers in your store by delivering welcome messages or tempting coupons at the entrance of the shop or on the hallways of the mall and by promoting the best offers of the day to those passing-by near your store.
Send them more information about a product they show interest in when they are in front of it, help them in making a decision and make their life easier.

Advertise for you and your partners

Use socio-demographics and other accurate data gathered on the CMS, in order to deliver customized commercial messages. By knowing the profile, gender, age and interests of your shoppers, you can provide them smart effective promotions and relevant contextual information. Leverage your BLE Beacons infrastructure to generate additional value and revenue by allowing brands and partners to advertise for their products or services.

Adopt an omnichannel strategy

Unify your online and offline distribution channels into a unique clients database, in order to deliver a memorable customer experience. Combine your CRM data with our CMS communication capabilities, create smart campaigns, organize games and contests, implement A/B tests, use gamification techniques to win new customers, create powerful relationships and build consumers fidelity.

Take advantage of real-time analytics

Accurate real-time analytics about your visitors in-store behavior is gathered by our CMS platform. See what shoppers do while they are at your location, how much time they spend in each aisle and which are the items of interest for them. Visualize heatmaps to improve your merchandises exposure. Integrate your CRM with our CMS using RestAPI, to fully control the communication with your clients.

Logistics & Asset Tracking

Our technology is prepared to save time and money in the logistics operations, by transforming the micro-location into a strong competitive advantage for your business.
Onyx Beacon Logistics & Asset Tracking

Keep track of the exact location of your assets

Onyx Beacon help businesses that produce high value assets in big quantities in solving problems related to locating those items in their big warehouses or parking lots.

Optimize item delivery

We enable you to easily search and find your items and, therefore, schedule with ease which item should go to which order.

Locate the assets faster

The technologies used to locate assets (smart tags like passive RFID) have a limited transmission range (typically a few meters). But our Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons have a range up to 70 meters, which simplifies the whole process.

Get a location overview of your inventory

We give you a map based visualization to give a drill down layered overview of your inventory location.

Smart Public Transportation

The Extended Version of our Smart Public Transport solution is capable to deliver an important portfolio of services for the transportation companies, for their customers or for their business partners.
Dynamic or metered pricing, groups management, kids monitoring, aged or disabled people safety, individual route calculation, route optimization, re-routing, traffic monitoring and optimization, services class validation, accessibility for disabled clients, sales development, individual monitoring , passengers in-station guidance, touristic sightseeing, proximity marketing, customized advertising, community development and social interaction are features already available in our solution.
Onyx Beacon Smart Public Transportation

Helping disabled people to travel within the city

We created a completely functional solution, helping the disabled to create customized routes within the city and guiding them to precisely choose and use the bus lines of their interest, when the vehicles arrive in station.
Beacons are placed, individually, on buses and the mobile app installed on user’s smartphone, available for IOS and Android, notifies him when the bus approaches at 50-60 meters from the station. When the bus reaches the station, the buzzer of the beacon broadcasts a specific sound, indicating the precise location of the bus needed by the user.

Customized services, made-to-measure transportation

Onyx Beacon is ready to seriously expand the capabilities of the solution and to offer an important number of new services, based on exactly the same Bluetooth Low Energy concept and infrastructure, or by just adding to the existing infrastructure supplementary Bluetooth Beacons in bus stations or introducing personal „keychain beacons” for passengers in special situations.


Engagement for Attendees

Take advantage of context and surprise your visitors or attendees at conferences, fairs, concerts, festivals or exhibitions, by offering them an interactive off & online experience.
Don’t forget that an event means social connections, so help them to find, know and connect each other.

Provide relevant information to your attendees

During registration process, send your attendees a welcome message or, if you see the process takes too long, offer them an alternate option. Keep them updated regarding all upcoming sessions and inform them in real time if there are changes in schedule.

Direct attendees to event locations and sessionsonyx-beacon-events

Find out what your attendees are interested in, and save them the trouble of getting lost, by direct them towards the desired location. Send th
em messages reminding them of a certain session they showed interest in.

Encourage app engagement

Games such as treasure hunts are an interactive way of encouraging engagement or rewarding attendees with gifts for simply accessing/ gathering the messages you sent.

Get additional revenue from exhibitors

Give exhibitors access to your beacon infrastructure in order to engage with the attendees by sending them notifications. Gather analytics such as number of visitors, dwell time or profile of the visitors for better understanding their specific interests.


 Memorable Experiences

Whether we talk about restaurants, coffee shops or hotels, for the hospitality industry the relationship with the customers defines ones success.
Onyx Beacon helps you in providing the ultimate experience to your customers by delivering the information they need at the exact moment they need it.

Welcome your hotel guests for a memorable stay

Simplify the check-in process for your guests, offer them information about special offers, facilities and services. Help them in finding their room and give them a self-guided tour of your resort.

Inform customers of special offers within the day

Send customers notifications with your restaurant/coffee shop special offers for different moments of the day: breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Understand customer needs

See which are the busiest moments and places of the day or busiest days of the week, and make sure your staff is well prepared. Understand customer needs and interests and deliver personalized contextual information to them.

Reward loyal customers

Find who are your most loyal customers and surprise them with a reward, based on the number of their visits. Create a personalized solid long-lasting relationship with your best clients.

Building & Facility Management

Micro-location and proximity are concepts with an extraordinary implementation progress within office skyscrapers or big buildings with multiple complex destinations, starting from production factories and finishing with tourism resorts or huge parking places or spaces for exhibition and fairs.
Onyx Beacon Building & Facility Management

Real-time reports on human resources and space occupancy

By using Bluetooth Beacons networks placed in your precincts, you can have accurate real-time data regarding office or meeting rooms usage, presence of your employees in specific areas, cleaning and maintenance operations and all other types of reports. At the same time, precise statistics and studies could help to improve internal flows, space usage and administration.

Wayfinding and access management

Your employees, partners or visitors can take benefit from a very capable guidance service based on BLE Beacons placed within your location. Setting up their destination, they can receive orientation notifications helping them to arrive at the desired place. A Mobile Device Management application can efficiently administrate access of personnel or visitors to each area of your building, opening only the routes and rooms allowed for each specific user level.

Virtual tours for real estate industry

Your potential clients can virtually visit the properties in your portfolio, without your physical presence and really entering the space. An iBeacon or Eddystone network can provide them all multimedia information about the location, offering an interactive experience able to create interest and facilitate transactions.

Smart Cities

Proximity and Accessibility

Onyx Beacon Smart CitiesAccessibility for disabled, multi-level gateways, in-building navigation, emergency routing, simplifying or even avoiding bureaucracy, smart administration of public places are the main areas of application for our micro-location and presence detection capabilities based on Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons communication.

Smart interface with public administration

People can automatically complete a registration or request form when entering a public office. Tickets for accessing public services, managing queues in administrative buildings, respecting privacy in some conditions, providing equal opportunities for citizens, and many other automated interactions with the public based on presence detection are indicated applications of our technology.

Analytics for development and improvements

Accurate detailed analytics about frequency, time duration, preferred areas and major flows regarding people presence in public spaces like main streets, markets, parks, bus and train stations or other crowded public places. Other use cases: infrastructure tracking, geo-guiding, parking places occupancy and usage frequency, touristic assistance for visitors.

Smart support in emergency situations

Micro-location can provide life-saving intervention for routing, safety measures and exit assistance in emergency situations in public areas or buildings. In special health emergencies, finding a defibrillator or another medical resource in public areas can be intermediated by Beacons.