Education: Interactive Learning

Technology is ready to transform schools, to speed up the learning process and to facilitate the information sharing process in the classrooms. Students already have access to mobile devices able to double the knowledge flow between them and their teachers.
Provide real-time interactions, launch polls, focus groups and debates, challenge the students’ community with smart activities like treasure hunts or quiz instant competitions. Introduce your young public to real-world scenarios and let them solve original situations and contemporary problems.


Effective instant interactions

Inform your internal public about their programs, scheduled courses, individual learning progresses and grades, community news, last moment changes.
At the same time, keep a solid contact with parents, which can have access to all this information, in a customized manner.

Manage groups, guide and orient

Individually indicate directions for people to the classrooms where they are scheduled to be and check their presence within the school territory.
Students missing the classes will be instantly identified and a set of pre-defined notifications will be delivered to the specific student, to the teachers, and to his parents or other contacts.

Share only relevant content, monitor online access

By using a Mobile Device Management application, tutors can temporary limit online access only to desired web addresses, depending on the location and the daily program of the students. Professors can instantly transmit multimedia material to all students’ tablets having the school’s application installed.

Encourage individual research and discoveries

Place Bluetooth Beacons in school’s courtyard or on hallways and create dedicated learning zones for different sciences. Create clubs, groups of research, co-working teams for various disciplines. Build interactive games and contests using the mobile middleware and our cloud-based platform and offer awards to motivate participants and to encourage positive competition.