Building & Facility Management

Micro-location and proximity are concepts with an extraordinary implementation progress within office skyscrapers or big buildings with multiple complex destinations, starting from production factories and finishing with tourism resorts or huge parking places or spaces for exhibition and fairs.
Onyx Beacon Building & Facility Management


Real-time reports on human resources and space occupancy

By using Bluetooth Beacons networks placed in your precincts, you can have accurate real-time data regarding office or meeting rooms usage, presence of your employees in specific areas, cleaning and maintenance operations and all other types of reports. At the same time, precise statistics and studies could help to improve internal flows, space usage and administration.

Wayfinding and access management

Your employees, partners or visitors can take benefit from a very capable guidance service based on BLE Beacons placed within your location. Setting up their destination, they can receive orientation notifications helping them to arrive at the desired place. A Mobile Device Management application can efficiently administrate access of personnel or visitors to each area of your building, opening only the routes and rooms allowed for each specific user level.

Virtual tours for real estate industry

Your potential clients can virtually visit the properties in your portfolio, without your physical presence and really entering the space. An iBeacon or Eddystone network can provide them all multimedia information about the location, offering an interactive experience able to create interest and facilitate transactions.