Patients & Resource Management

Micro-location in hospitals. Great idea and huge opportunity, isn’t it?
Imagine that BLE Beacons can help you to easily identify each patient in a great hospital and can deliver to your mobile device a solid portfolio of accurate and updated information about his health status and medical history, the treatments and other clinical indications.
Onyx Beacon Healthcare


Administrate resources, track assets

Using Bluetooth Beacons infrastructures, you can fast and precisely identify, locate and organize your internal resources, starting with people, emergency and surgery rooms, medical tools and inventory and finishing with the smallest pill indicated for patients’ treatment.
All the important assets of your hospital or clinic can be identified with a unique beacon sticked on them, so it will be very easy to track, find and relocate these items.

Coordinate your medical team

Inform your employees, in a customized personal manner, about their working program, scheduled activities, emergencies, individual professional status, or medical conditions of each patient they have in attention. You can individually indicate directions for people to the spaces where they are needed, where they are scheduled to be and check their presence in real-time, within the entire facility.

Distribute multimedia content

Distribute multimedia material to all the attendees inside your location, using a dedicated mobile application and segmenting your audience by the criteria of their medical situation, gender, age, professional status and interests. Deliver to each patient or family all the information about specific clinical cases. The content could be text, videos, photos, audio, widgets, medical documentation, clinical results or related links.