Onyx Beacon Industrial Production Appliances

Industrial Production Appliances

There are thousands of cases when precise micro-location, doubled by instant communication, can be extraordinarily useful in industrial facilities and production precincts.
Imagine that you have hundreds of identical tools or equipment and you need to precisely identify only one of them or to locate fast all of them for special operations or maintenance purposes.


Supervise people, equipment and processes

You can place BLE Beacons in static positions and use mobile devices to collect accurate real-time data about different production situations or you can install communication equipment in strategic points of your facility and monitor, record and co-ordinate mobile people, teams or apparatus which are working in that specific area.
Or, even better, you can build complex iBeacon or Eddystone infrastructures able to deliver accurate real-time information about all the processes taking place in your factory.

Administrate resources, monitor performances

A big factory is a dynamic and mobile universe of continuously evolving resources, starting with blue collars and finishing with the smallest screw or nut. You can gather accurate data in order to analyze performances, yields, trends and potential opportunities and threats in the internal environment.
A powerful and precise internal communication can help you better administrate your resources, by guiding, informing, monitoring your teams and individual employees, helping them to participate in a continuous process of vertical communication in the organization.