Smart Cities

Proximity and Accessibility

Accessibility for disabled, multi-level gateways, in-building navigation, emergency routing, simplifying or even avoiding bureaucracy, smart administration of public places are the main areas of application for our micro-location and presence detection capabilities based on Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons communication.


onyx-beacon-smart-citiesSmart interface with public administration

People can automatically complete a registration or request form when entering a public office. Tickets for accessing public services, managing queues in administrative buildings, respecting privacy in some conditions, providing equal opportunities for citizens, and many other automated interactions with the public based on presence detection are indicated applications of our technology.

Analytics for development and improvements

Accurate, detailed analytics about frequency, time duration, preferred areas and major flows regarding people presence in public spaces like main streets, markets, parks, bus and train stations or other crowded public places. Other use cases: infrastructure tracking, geo-guiding, parking places occupancy and usage frequency, touristic assistance for visitors.

Smart support in emergency situations

Micro-location can provide life-saving intervention for routing, safety measures and exit assistance in emergency situations in public areas or buildings. In special health emergencies, finding a defibrillator or another medical resource in public areas can be intermediated by Beacons.